Deer Park

For more than 250 years the Deer Park has been home to a herd of Red Deer, along with a smaller herd of Fallow Deer.

The Deer Park

The majestic red deer is not only Britain’s largest species of deer, it is also the largest land mammal in the country. Unlike the native red deer, the smaller fallow deer originated in the Mediterranean, but due to human translocation has been in Britain for many centuries now. 

The stags produce magnificent sets of antlers which they use to gain status as they assert their dominance during the rutting season. This begins at the end of September and lasts approximately two months.

During the winter months the deer are fed on sugar beet to supplement their natural diet of grass, leaves and bark. 

Every year the males shed their antlers around April. Shortly after, their new antlers begin to grow, covered in a velvet skin. When antlers are fully grown the velvet is rubbed off and the antlers are complete. 

As the weather warms up and summer begins the deer enjoy the fresh vegetation in the Deer Park. The first young begin to appear around the beginning of June. If you look quietly you may see the young with their mothers, although they are well camouflaged with their spotty baby coats!

Public Viewing

The public area of the Deer Park is open from 1 January until 30 September. Visitors are welcome to walk through this area to observe the deer, however for their welfare we do request that visitors stay out of the deer sanctuary area at all times.

Please note that dogs are not allowed into the Deer Park.