Nancy by Tracy Satchwill

A film by artist Tracy Satchwill following the dreams of Nancy, a servant in Normanby Hall.

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Nancy by Tracy Satchwill, Artist in Residence

Artist Tracy Satchwill was artist in residence at North Lincolnshire Museums during 2020 and 2021. Tracy’s focus at Normanby Hall Country Park was on exploring the contrast between beauty and splendour and the domestic servant.

Tracy’s film, Nancy, a collage animation, mixed with live action, location shots and stop motion, follows the dreams of a servant, where she pushes against the boundaries of what a maid should be.

In her dream anyone can be transformed and become something or someone else. She explores her normal world in an extraordinary way, travelling through colourful large and surreal Regency style designs and high-status objects.

The residency was made possible through Arts Council England funding via the Humber Museums Partnership, of which North Lincolnshire Museums is a partner. 


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